if you were a real man

~you wouldn’t need to get involved in your wife’s problems with other women thereby making it worse
~you wouldn’t need to trash talk other women to make your wife appear better
~you wouldn’t tear a woman down career wise or dog her to make yourself or your wife or girlfriend appear better
~you wouldn’t need to call someone else your wife’s name so that person has to deal with stuff your wife should have to deal with
~you wouldn’t call your wife my name so people do stuff to me or say stuff about me instead of her
~you wouldn’t have a problem saying you want to be with me
~you wouldn’t enjoy seeing me hurt, upset, or sick
~you wouldn’t make fun of or humiliate me
~you wouldn’t try to control everything in my life
~you wouldn’t try to take me from my family and friends
~you wouldn’t needlessly create drama in my life
~you wouldn’t interfere with my job
~you wouldn’t have a problem with me being independent, having a job, or with me wanting to make my own money
~you wouldn’t have a problem with my intellect
~you wouldn’t have a problem with me having emotions
~you wouldn’t use your friends against me
~you wouldn’t have a problem with my beliefs even if they weren’t the same as yours
~you wouldn’t have a problem with my appearance and wouldn’t be cruel in the way you speak of me
~you wouldn’t be bitchy and dog me to others
~you wouldn’t be afraid of me 😉
~you wouldn’t be afraid of other people and what they would say if you spoke to me
~you wouldn’t be such a jerk to me
~you wouldn’t make stuff up about me that isn’t true
~you wouldn’t try to ruin my reputation
~you wouldn’t broadcast the details of my private life
~ you would respect my privacy
~you wouldn’t put me at risk-diseases, illnesses, bankruptcy, etc.
~you wouldn’t use me for your own gain
~you wouldn’t mind my hang ups or flaws
~you wouldn’t mind spending time with me
~you wouldn’t mind being seen with me, knowing me, or loving me.
~you’d not care if my family liked you more than me
~you’d keep your wife away from me. i am not having an affair with you and quite frankly am sick of you using me to cover for whatever sorry person you actually are having an affair with.
~you wouldn’t need to read this

not an all encompassing list, but it’s a start. it could work for women too..