serotonin syndrome

serotonin syndrome-a sad effect of a happy drug.
how many people would be alive today if more information were shared with the public about the negative side effects of mental health medications. how many people went to sleep and didn’t wake up because of the medication they were prescribed? if they were placed in a category that defined them as being at risk of being suicidal, why bother investigating? they were at risk of being suicidal, right?
how many doctors prescribing these medications know about serotonin syndrome? how many explain to their patients that they can have serious problems as a result of the drugs they prescribe? how many doctors even know the difference between how these medications work? how many doctors care enough to not medicate patients who don’t need it?

the signs, symptoms and definition of serotonin syndrome can be found online, and with the prescription information provided with certain mental health drugs. i urge anyone currently taking mental health medications to become educated as to the side effects they can cause.


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